Rihanna shares a no-makeup Instagram pamper video in only her bra

Last month, Rihanna shared a no-makeup face mask selfie to Instagram and it was the biggest Monday mood. Now, the popstar has only gone and one-upped herself (I mean, there’s no one else that can outdo her, considering she is the best of the best, IMO), with a makeup-free pamper video. Although the vid is just a mere 23-seconds long, it certainly has filled a 23-second RiRi hole in our hearts that we were missing.

The mum-to-be (eek!) has not a stitch of makeup on her face, minus a glossy lip, which we’re assuming is her Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm, £18. With a gorgeous au naturel glow and her locks wrapped up in a towel, she begins applying her very own Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask, £25 whilst her baby bump is on full display in just a PJ bra and shorts set.

Courtesy of brand

Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm

Fenty Beauty


Courtesy of brand

Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask

Fenty Skin


However, this is no ordinary ‘get un-ready with me’ video, no. Instead of talking us through her steps like Hailey Bieber so often does on TikTok, RiRi pampers herself along to a popular TikTok sound. Watch the hilarious video below:

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Rihanna is still pregnant with her and A$AP Rocky’s child (T-minus a few weeks, we think?!), so, instead of relaxing with a glass of gin and tonic, as one usually would, she has cut the former and instead, is just enjoy a glass of Fever Tree tonic water on it’s own. Lol #NotSponsored but sounds pretty refreshing. She even captioned the post: “and that’s on self care bih 🧖🏿‍♀️”. Go off, sis.

Friends and fans also loved the relatable video, leaving some hilarious feedback in the comments:

One person wrote: “this sound is me, i am this sound”.

Another commented: “THE FEVER TREE. IKTR”.

Whilst another wrote: “😂 Meanwhile my ass watching docs on psychedelics and animals”.

Someone else said: “The sound 👌🏽😂”.

And finally, our favourite has to be: “Not the wine glass 😂”.

So, I guess in honour of Rihanna, we all should kick back and relax with a glass of a lil’ somethin’ somethin’, watch serial killer documentaries and listen to true crime murder podcasts whilst going to sleep. It’s only right, right?

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